Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

- Henry Ford

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Make use of that empty room that's just collecting dust. Turn that room in to a money making machine and a way for people to collaborate and share their ideas.

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Get out of the noisy unproductive environment and start getting work done. Find a place to work and meet some amazing people along the way.

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Get your place looking presentable, like your parents are coming into town. You don't want to just leave your clothes all over the place, do you? Make your place look nice and add some awesome aminities that people can take advantage of.

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Take charge of your community and get people together and working on some awesome projects.

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With the popularity of the shared office space growing, small business owners are in need of assistance in managing the day to day routine of several different entities housed under one roof. The solution is Covy, the all in one co-working management tool that includes a robust calendar, billing system, and communication suite. So you can spend more time collaborating and less time managing.

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The days of working in your parents basement are over. Get out. Find a coworking office near by, and start connecting with people. Work on your social skills and get to know some awesome people. Build up your community through events and activities. Meet with potential clients, and get work done.

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Set meetings and events and share then with your whole team, no need to keep up with email invites and different calendars. Gone are the days of hoping your space is open and available when you get there. With the event scheduling in Covy you can be sure your space will be ready when you are.

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No more dried up whiteboard calendars

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